A word with zahra
by Amb.Ahmed Abdi Hashi (Hashara)
August 30 2009

My Article calling for the firing of Ahmedou Abdalla Wald in view of his dismal failure in Somalia did generate a lively debate; few were critical or hostile but the feedback was overwhelming support.

An example of the critical or hostile was Zahra Yusuf’s piece, the most dishonest and disingenuous diatribe, and mixing oranges with rotten apples.

Zahra writes: The question that begs an answer is “Who should we listen to: Mr Abdulla or the myopic thinking of the Arta remnants.”!!! By this, Zahra asks Somalis to listen to Abdalla, a foreigner who came to the Somali scene recently, with no roots and no understanding of the basic issue in Somalia; a comprehensive and durable peace. A strange logic: listen to Abdalla but not to other Somalis including Hashara.

 In continuation of her ridiculous statements, Zahra urges not to listen to “a man (Hashara) who lacks the basic understanding about the state of our affairs:” Who understands Somalia better? Wald Abdalla or people like Hashara who always stood for the good of Somalia from the colonial period, independence to the present, adopted by Amnesty as a prisoner of conscience. It is sad some of the younger Somalis in the Diaspora like Zahra cannot shed the inferior complex of depending on a foreigner like Abdalla to solve the problems of our country.

Supporters of Abdalla-like Zahra- miss the fact that he is simply an employee of the UN whose salary like that of Ban Ki Moon is paid by the contributions of member States including Somalia. There is the misperception out there that Abdalla is the Governor General of Somalia which is false though he behaves like one.

 Boutros Ghali, the former Secretary General of the UN in his memoirs characterized Wald Abdalla as “a despicable turncoat.” His term in Burundi was far from being stellar. 

Another falsehood propagated by supporters of the Djibouti sham is that “the Arta government was an imposition from the top”.  Admittedly, the TNG was formed in Djibouti BUT at the request of Somalis; there were no Abdalla Walads or Ethiopians micromanaging the process; what happened in Djibouti in 2000 was a Somali process, one owned by Somalis, where all stake holders were invited. It was only the warlords, at the beset of Ethiopia- who refused to attend. The Hargeisa administration excused itself.

The TNG to its credit never invited Ethiopia to invade Somalia, AMISOM or any other foreign troops to kill Somalis and destroy Mogadishu. NO Somali blood was shed by the TNG during its tenure unlike the butchery that is going on at present.

Incredibly Zahra writes: “Free Somalia from Ethiopian colonialism slogan has been a dead politics” and “the Ethiopian wolf is no longer sellable”. This is the most dishonest and egregious statement. It is an indication of ignorance of past and present history, deliberate distortion of facts. Or a combination of both. Which country in the world other than Ethiopia occupies Western Somalia (Ogaden), invaded Somalia for two years, and crosses the de-facto border with impunity, kills, loots and rapes Somali women. Even Jonnie Carson, US deputy under Secretary of State, in a recent statement acknowledged that “Ethiopia is the traditional enemy of Somalia.”

On the contrary, relations between the peoples of Somalia and Eritrea have been cordial through out history. Eritrea does not occupy Somali territory, never invaded and occupied Somalia never had boots on our soil; gave refugee to Sheikh Sharif when he was on the run. Equating a friend like that with the predator State of Ethiopia is irresponsible as well as anti historic.

And in my books, those like Zahra who conveniently ignore history, deliberately distort the facts, support and justify the crimes of Ethiopia, these are the real spooks.

One last word: Those who seek to get a UN job through Abdalla Wald, with Sheikh Sharif or align themselves with Ethiopia, the arch enemy of Somalia are free to do so.

History has a long memory and so do the Somali people.

Amb.Ahmed Abdi Hashi (Hashara)
Foreign Secretary, Alliance for the Reliberation of Somalia

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